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A special work of the artist in limited edition of 5 pieces.


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A special work of the artist in limited edition of 5 pieces.

Quietly vibrates this spiritual object. The image of an old speedometer connected with leather straps knotted in arrangement of the spokes of an old motorcycle symbolize speed. At the same time, attributes of a dream catcher with colorful feathers and the object shape as a “peace” sign remind of and the spirituality and closeness to nature of the Indians.

Speed and peace are in a balanced relationship here. Sylvia Schramm has visualized this symbolic power and wants to transfer it to the viewer.


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Schramm’s artistic technique is digital painting, which she has developed into something unique using knowledge from painting. The motif is printed onto a metal plate using special, elaborate processes.  It a coexistence between underground and color, which creates a play between matt and gloss.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 44 × 44 cm

Digital Painting on Metal