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Myth and technology were combined and reduced to geometric shapes.


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Due to climate change, we will look at many things from a different perspective in the future. Driving a car or motorcycle with combustion engines will soon no longer exist. I have tried to reflect my slightly nostalgic memories of motorized travel in its entirety. Leisure, speed, airstream, myth and technology are interconnected and reduced to geometric shapes. Through the hand-painted synthetic resin application, the metal of the background reflects. The copper pinwheel comes to the fore and suggests the movement of the wheels. The colors reflect the sun, the sky and nature and a small label at the bottom of the image describes the moment: TIME OUT.



Schramm’s artistic technique is digital painting, which she has developed into something unique using knowledge gained from painting. The motif is printed on a metal plate using special, elaborate processes, creating a coexistence between the substrate and the paint. a partially applied layer of synthetic resin makes the surface glow metallically and become plastic. Emblematic, to preserve the ephemeral, Sylvia’s impressive unique piece was framed “weightily” in industrial iron.

Gallery rail + steel cables + metal hook (hang in the frame hook) or: Use dowels.

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Dimensions 82 × 114 cm

Digital Painting on Metal