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As a child, the artist feared the dark for a long time and then fled to the protection of her large family.


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Sylvia Schramm is about the artistic interpretation of the fascination for motorcycling. She wants to capture the emotions that are interwoven from the adventure and its legends, speed and technology.

The artist feared the dark for a long time as a child and then took refuge in the protection of her large family. The sense of community in a group also provides protection and makes a night drive together a fearless moment. Schramm manages, in this work, to literally hear the hum of the engines. This work was partially processed by the artist with synthetic resin. The glitter of the night lights in interaction with the reflection of the metallic substrate, let this night ride shine.


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Schramms artistic technique is digital painting, which she has developed into something unique with the knowledge gained from painting. The motif is printed onto a metal plate by means of a special, complex process, whereby a Coexistence between substrate and paint is created. The interplay between matt and shine makes the viewer literally feel the material and figurative and characterizes her impressive unique pieces. Symbolically, in order to preserve the ephemeral, this work was “weightily” framed in industrial iron.

Gallery rail + steel cables + metal hook (hang in the frame hook) or: Use dowels.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 141 × 90 cm

Digital Painting on Metal