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Sylvia Schramm has placed the focus in these three street-art-inspired unique pieces on the subject of uniforms. With synthetic resin.

140 x 140 cm


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Group of works of 3 works.

My unique artworks deal with the theme of uniforms. Uniform cuts and their details have never gone out of fashion and have inspired numerous designers (such as Ralph Lauren, Phillip Plein, Burberry, Balmain and also my own fashion designs). In the music and art industry, Andy Warhol, Jimmy Hendrix and Michael Jackson also liked to show themselves in public with such a “cult piece of clothing”. However, I would like to raise questions about the relationship between uniforms and fashion: Is it a militarization of civilian clothing or a “civilianization” of military purposes (Hans Christian Dany, “Fashion and Uniform”)? Does fashion uniformize its wearer? Is the “signature look” also a kind of uniform? Or is it just a look that cuts a “good figure”? Fashion illustrations from my own collections show that uniforms are an eternal source of inspiration for fashion. My works in digital painting on metal are street art inspired, but with the intention to convey a positive message: Uniforms For Fashion Only!

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Schramms artistic technique is digital painting, which she has developed into something unique with the knowledge gained from painting. The motif is printed onto a metal plate by means of a special, complex process, whereby a Coexistence between substrate and paint is created. The interplay between matt and shine makes the viewer literally feel the material and figurative and characterizes her impressive unique pieces. Symbolically, in order to preserve the ephemeral, this work was “weightily” framed in industrial iron.

Gallery rail + steel cables + metal hook (hang in the frame hook) or: Use dowels.

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 100 × 140 cm

Digital Painting on Metal