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Oversized fashion posters are part of the cityscape and create wishes in us, which mostly remain unfulfilled due to their unattainability.

120 x 150 cm


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Oversized fashion posters are part of the cityscape and awaken desires in us that usually remain unfulfilled due to their unattainability.

Sylvia Schramm’s work was attracted by the idea of choosing two striking figures and placing them in a relationship to each other. By changing the proportions and connecting them through flowers, a drama is created, but neither protagonist can really face it. They are both on the same plane of a shutter. The little Banksy man with the wilting bouquet in front of the #Ladyinred, cheeky and exuberant, seems annoyed – after all, he made the lady promise him something that obviously can’t happen.

The printed metal blind becomes almost tactile as the silver backing plate shines through, making the reds glow.


Sylvia Schramms artistic technique is  painting, digitally, which – due to her knowledge of painting – she developed into something unique. With a very elaborate and special procedure the image is printed onto a metal plate, what creates a coexistance between the metal panel and the color . The interplay between gloss and matt makes the viewer almost directly feel the physical aspect and shapes of the impressive works, which characterizes her unique artworks. Symbolically, to preserve the fleeting of fashion, most of the artworks are framed „heavily“ in iron bars.

Gallery rail + steel cables + metal hook (hang in the frame hook) or: Use dowels.

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Dimensions 120 × 150 cm

Digital Painting on Metal