Sylvia Schramm



All the music we hear today is influenced by the great, sublime composers of classical music.

175 x 75 cm


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The series GRAND (The raised) contains 5 works:

Grand Beauty, Grand Artists, Grand Designer, Grand Composer, Grand Classic.

These works were influenced by the search for the “sublime”. Great personalities from the world of art. Music and fashion are picturesquely interwoven with scenes – as if from fashion shows – to create paintings. The recognition of the individual personalities only becomes visible on closer inspection.

All the music we hear today is influenced by the great, sublime composers of classical music. People have oriented themselves to them not only musically, but also in expression and fashion. Even today, the greatest “character heads” are still “setting the tone” in the garments of modern times. Grouped like “Best Dressed Men” in a fashion magazine, they are still vividly imaginable today. The figures merge picturesquely with the metal of the carrier plate to form a modern “painting”.

From left to right: Franz Peter Schubert, Frédéric François Chopin, Ludwig van Beethoven ,Jakob Ludwig Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.



Schramms artistic technique is digital painting, which she has developed into something unique with the knowledge gained from painting. The motif is printed onto a metal plate by means of a special, complex process, whereby a Coexistence between substrate and paint is created. The interplay between matt and shine makes the viewer literally feel the material and figurative and characterizes her impressive unique pieces. Symbolically, in order to preserve the ephemeral, this work was “weightily” framed in industrial iron.

Gallery rail + steel cables + metal hook (hang in the frame hook) or: Use dowels.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 175 × 75 cm

Digital Painting on Metal