Sylvia Schramm




As a stylized silhouette, this object resembles the chief editor of the American VOGUE, Anna Wintour (since 1988), probably one of the most influential women in the fashion world. The petite woman sanctifies the runways of the scene. Haste, rushing from show to show, is represented by the multiplication of the silhouette. Her word “ways a lot,” just like the material of the art piece: steel!


With this work, Sylvia Schramm turned the topic of an “IT BAG” into an art piece. The “mother” of this 20th century accessory is the “KELLY” bag (1956) by Hermés. Groundbreakingly new back then: as a bag, that can sit on the floor. The vintage art piece is made out of aluminium, rippled on the sides, without a base but still steadfast! A “rusty” image of Grace Kelly can be seen with a closer look at the front of the bag.


A triptych out of three acrylic plates, standing upright on its own. The airiness of the dragon fly in this aerial play with gem stones is highlighted through the transparency of the acrylic plates and incorporates its surroundings as well.