Sylvia Schramm



Permanent Exhibition at:
Hammer Deich 70, 20537 Hamburg

For Sylvia Schramm, her newest works in ART ‘N’ LEGEND are about the connection between art and legends. For her, this includes legendary people as well as exceptional tenchique. Brought together in an expressive manner by the legendary motorcycle brand INDIAN, functionality and emotions are the main focus here. And every piece tells a special story in this context.

The self-invented technique, digital painting on metal, bestows excitement on the works. Depending on the position of the light, animated contrasts between dull and shining are produced.

Rusty iron frames are manufactured for every piece of work.


The arrangement and reduction of objects, as well as the alteration through repition, appear very often in contemporary art and inspired the artist to create these works. They tell the stories of legendary brands and scenes. The shining nature of the objects is emphasized once again by the glimpses of the metallic background.

Hot Wheels

Sylvia Schramm makes the theme of this work her own personal memories and thoughts that she connects with motorbike riding. Muddy streets, smells, morning mist, or the right outfit melt together into images and dreams.

Legendary Riders

Never really visible, but still all-dominant: the bike.

With a touch of surreal mysticism, the artist creates adventurous worlds. The sparkling chrome of the motorcycles is emphasized by glimpses of the metallic background.

Peace – Object

Quietly, this spiritual object swings above the heads of the viewers. Like a dream catcher of the Native Americans but out of metal, it reminds us of the technology of old motorcycles. Leather strings simulate the arrangement of spokes and the image of the the old speedometer fits perfectly onto the circular shape of the peace sign.